Bolsas Santander Apoio Universitário

The Santander University Support Scholarships are aimed at university students from Higher Education Institutions that are members of the program, with the aim of contributing to greater financial stability for the candidates.



As NOVA Medical School is one of the Higher Education Institutions participating in this program, 10 cash scholarships will be awarded for the 2023/2024 academic year, worth €1,000 each.

To apply for this scholarship, please consult the respective regulations.


  • Eligibility conditions

i) Students enrolled at a Higher Education Institution participating in the program or a Higher Education Student Association represented by an Academic Federation;

ii) Resident in Portugal (temporary or permanent)

In addition to the aforementioned eligibility conditions, specific provisions are set out in the Edital.


  • Stages and Calendar
  1. Open application: from 15/09/23 to 15/11/23 23:00 (GMT+01:00)
  2. Evaluation of applications: until 15/12/23
  3. Selection of Candidates: until 15/12/23
  4. Process completed


  • Application

Applications must be made exclusively via the platform, by completing the application form available on the SANTANDER website.