The Library has public attendance shifts provided by student employees (there is no collaboration during school holidays), both at the reference desk and in the reading room.

In this joint project initiated in 1998 between the Library and the AEFCML and formally agreed between NMS and the Students Association in 2007, students are recruited to work in the Library from among all the interested candidates by means of a selection interview (representatives from the Library and from the AE).

The selected candidates receive adequate training for the intended functions with pre-scheduled theoretical and practical components and later become part of the team of student-collaborators hosted annually by the Library.

The distribution of shifts and the payment of the students is made monthly by the AEFCML.

Throughout this project of beneficial collaboration of students in the Library's work it has been shown not only that students gain experience in searching for information by helping other colleagues and users and gain a new perspective by gaining new colleagues in the Library's context but it has also been rewarding for the Library team to interact with students who encourage us with new ideas and procedures to improve the image of their Library!

For any questions related to this project, please contact us by e-mail