European Commission distinguishes NMS scientist as young woman in research

Maria João Meneses is one of the women under 30 distinguished by the European Commission for her scientific research on diabetes.


The spotlight was given through the "#SHEU LEADS" campaign launched on International Women's Day 2022 and that lasts all year round and is dedicated to all girls and young women.

For Maria João Meneses, it was an honor to receive the invitation from Maryia Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

This campaign aims to spotlights girls and young women under 30 that are making a difference in their communities and doing an outstanding work in the fields of Innovation, Research, Education, Youth, Culture and Sport across the EU.

Watch the testimony of Maria João Meneses for the campaign "#SHEU LEADS" here.


Maria João Meneses
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Metabolic Diseases Research (MEDIR)

Maria Paula Macedo