NMS bets on Pedagogical Innovation

NOVA is committed to competitively positioning itself in the future of university education in Portugal and Europe.


In response to the challenge launched by the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Internationalization at NOVA, João Amaro de Matos, NMS and all other NOVA schools had the opportunity to show, on video, the work they are developing in the field of Pedagogical Innovation, in a session held on the 28th of September 2022.

The NMS video had the particularity of presenting some of its bets on Pedagogical Innovation, namely the current use of concept maps in the teaching of Pathophysiology and its transposition to the teaching of General and Family Medicine and its future use in teaching Team Based Learning (TBL), a method that is already being applied in Gynecology and Obstetrics classes. This educational strategy based on active learning is, in fact, assumed as the pedagogical bet of the future of NMS.

The representation of NMS in the workshop and the presentation of the video were in charge of Professors Bruno Heleno, Marta Fonseca and José Belo.

The result of this workshop and the various consultation activities with NOVA students and faculty and other ongoing initiatives will form the basis of NOVA’s Pedagogical Innovation strategy, a document to be presented in December during QS’s annual conference – Reimagine Education. Taking place for the first time outside London, the event is hosted by NOVA Cairo, the first Portuguese campus across borders.

Throughout all the works, NOVA had the presence and support of Terry Maguire. Director of the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Ireland.

Pedagogical Innovation - Part 1 - Introduction of NOVA Medical School
Pedagogical Innovation - Part 2 - Application of Concept Maps
Pedagogical Innovation - Part 3 - Team Based Learning at NOVA Medical School
Pedagogical Innovation - Part 4 - What is the Future of NOVA Medical School