NMS Researcher participates in a Summit on Sustainability

Researcher Marta Moreira Marques from NOVA Medical School, was a speaker at the Plastic Summit Global Event, to discuss the sustainability of plastics in society.


The Plastic Summit Global Event took place at FIL Lisbon on October 17th and brought together several experts in the field of sustainability and climate action, promoted by  APIP - Associação Portuguesa da Indústria de Plásticos.

Our researcher Marta Moreira Marques, from the EpiDoc group of the CHRC research unit, participated in the panel: The Global Goal Of Carbon Neutrality: Plastics Industry Roadmap To Decarbonization. Climate Citizenship And Planetary Health.

On the subject, the researcher said in an interview with Dinheiro Vivo that "we still don't have a very deep knowledge about the factors that determine behavior in relation to sustainability. What happens is that, many times, we have knowledge of the individual factors that can help so that people have these behaviors or that, on the other hand, serve as barriers that hinder them".

Regarding the event and the declaration of commitment to Sustainability, she also states that "a point that I think is very important and more innovative has to do with the issues of climate citizenship and planetary health. It includes a very concrete approach to the importance of working on strategies, behavior change, and decision making that take into account how it all impacts the planet, our health and how these things are interrelated".

You can read the full interview on Dinheiro Vivo.