NOVA Medical School achieves remarkable success rates in 2023 Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus

It is with great satisfaction and pride that we announce that NOVA Medical School obtained an overall success rate of 15.8% in the 6th Edition of the Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus (CEEC) of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), surpassing the national average of 14.6%. The results, released at the end of November, reflect the excellence of the medical and biomedical research carried out at our School.

Among the awarded projects, NOVA Medical School won funding in all categories, junior researcher, assistant researcher and main researcher, respectively for Maria João Meneses (Metabolic Diseases Research Group- MEDIR), André Marques (Lysosomes and Disease Research Group) and Raffaella Gozzelino (Inflammation and Neurogeneration Research Group).

It is noteworthy that, compared to the national success rate of 14.6% and the NMS 2022 success rate of 13.8%, our Faculty continues to stand out as a leader in research and scientific development at surpassing the national average and showing continued growth compared to last year.

These results resulting from applications during the first half of 2023 highlight the quality and impact of the work carried out by NMS researchers.


6th Edition of the Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus (CEEC)

André Marques
Junior Researcher FCT Scientific Employment Stimulus
Maria João Meneses
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Raffaela Gozzelino
Principal Investigator