NOVA Medical School researcher receives international funding for research into frailty in the elderly

Nuno Mendonça, a researcher at NOVA Medical School, has received funding approval from the European Society for Clinical Investigation (ESCI) for the project "Improving physical frailty in older adults: exploring the interaction between protein intake and physical activity".

This work aims to explore the contribution of protein intake and physical activity to the frailty syndrome in older people, allowing us to understand whether they influence the transitions between the various stages of frailty - including the onset of pre-frailty.

The €10,000 funding awarded is part of the ESCI Exploratory Research Grant, an international grant that supports translational research covering an area of interest to society.

The project will last 12 months and its results will be presented at the 59th annual scientific meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation, scheduled for 2025.