The impact of climate change on public health: Research project formalises collaboration between NOVA Medical School, Jean Piaget University and MIT

The study "The impact of climate change on infection-triggered anaemia in Cape Verde" by NOVA Medical School researcher Raffaella Gozzelino, which will assess the impact of climate change on health and the (re)appearance of diseases that have increased by almost 60% due to global warming, has been selected for the first time by the MIT Global Seed Funds, a fund that provides financial support for early-stage, open and publishable research collaborations with institutions and researchers around the world.

This project, which is the result of a collaboration between NOVA Medical School, Jean Piaget University of Cape Verde and MIT, will make it possible to highlight aspects of relevance to environmental and health authorities, as well as to obtain scientific evidence to support the decision-making process and the development of preparedness plans against threats that impact the well-being of Cape Verdeans.

The study will also be co-led by Jacquin Niles, a researcher and Director of the Center for Environmental Health of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Luís Barros, a professor at the MIT-Sloan School of Management. The latter will offer a socio-economic perspective on the results obtained, highlighting the importance of financial analyses complementing scientific data, ensuring the implementation of comprehensive and enlightened strategies.

This is an international and multidisciplinary project that emphasises the contribution of the Cape Verdean diaspora, represented by researcher Raffaella Gozzelino and Professor Luís Barros, in establishing partnerships aimed at sharing knowledge and expertise with countries of origin.