FIC.A 2022






NMS Research will be present on the second edition of FIC.A – International Science Festival that will take place at Hub-ACT in Oeiras with activities aimed at a younger audience.


In what will be the second participation of NMS in the largest Science Festival in Portugal, NMS Research prepared activities aimed at the younger generations, integrating the FIC.A School Program in three days with three different activities.

NMS Research will be present on the 11th, 13th and 14th of October with exhibitions, games and workshops, namely:


  • Exhibition, game and quiz about "The role of Drosophila in Science" promoted by the Fly Facility;

programa fly

  • Citizen science workshop "Revolutionizing health: solutions created by patients and caregivers" presented by Patient Innovation;

patient innovation

nutrition research


Detailed information on the official website of FIC.A.