Collaboration between multiple NMS labs leads to joint publication

Research carried out by several of our laboratories is supported by the LYSOCIL project and has been published in Traffic magazine.


This review article focuses on advances made in the field of lysosomes, cellular components known as ecycling centres of the cell, but recent research has revealed that they are far more multi-faceted organelles than initially thought. Here the researchers list the best practices in the study of lysosomes and how the methodology should be applied to analyze the morphology, positioning, mobility and cellular function of lysosomes.

This study has as main authors Duarte Barral and Miguel Seabra, principal investigators of two laboratories at NOVA Medical School, but it had the participation of our other principal investigators such as Cláudia Almeida, Otília Vieira and Rita Teodoro, as well as multiple international collaborators from the United Kingdom. United and Italy.

The article can be read in Traffic magazine here.