NMS participates in the International Conference "Science and Football"

Professor and Researcher Mónica Sousa was one of the speakers at this international event on Sports Sciences applied to football.


The International Conference "Science and Football", organized by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), took place on the 29th and 30th of May at Cidade do Futebol in Lisbon.

NOVA Medical School was represented with the presence of the Vice Dean for Research, Patrícia Calado, and with the researcher Mónica Sousa (photo above) as one of the main speakers, with the presentation "Food and nutrition in football: strategies and evidence".

Conferencia Internacional Ciencia e Futebol I

Patrícia Calado at International Conference "Science and Football"


"This presentation follows on from the fruitful collaboration that has existed between the FPF and the NMS in the field of Nutrition in Sports" says Mónica Sousa, continuing "(This) allows a deepening of the knowledge of Nutrition in a specific context of football, and the production of highly relevant scientific evidence in this area".

The International Conference "Science and Football" brings together national and international researchers who present and discuss relevant and emerging topics in scientific areas related to Sports Science.

Find out more on the FPF page and see the section of the conference magazine dedicated to the NMS presentation below.


Mónica Sousa