NOVA Medical School integrates LS4FUTURE, new Associate Laboratory for Life Sciences

The kick-off meeting of the Associated Laboratory LS4FUTURE took place last May 4th, joining NMS with other institutes such as ITQB NOVA, IGC, iBET and IPO.

António Jacinto at the kick-off meeting of LS4FUTURE

The inaugural meeting of the Associated Laboratory LS4FUTURE - Life Sciences for a Healthy and Sustainable Future, brought together Principal Investigators from the various research units that comprise it, including our iNOVA4Health, MOSTMICRO-ITQB, IGC and GREEN-IT.

Our Principal Investigator and Professor António Jacinto, is the coordinator of one of the Thematic Lines, Mechanisms of Disease for Precision Medicine. "In the context of LS4F, this thematic line makes the link to hospitals and the health sector in general." says António Jacinto, also saying that "it aims to address unmet medical needs, preventing high-burden age-related and infectious diseases, promoting personalised medicine approaches, designing novel therapies, and bridging the gap between research and clinic".

LS4FUTURE, coordinated by the Vice Director of ITQB NOVA Inês Cardoso Pereira, is the largest Portuguese Associated Laboratory in Life Sciences and brings together more than 1000 researchers from five institutions, covering a wide range of topics in this area.

LS4FUTURE subscribes to the One Health concept, working towards environmental and human health to ensure a sustainable future for humankind and our planet. It relies on distinctive expertise in fundamental, clinical, and applied research and strong complementarity, coupled with strategic partnerships in Health, Industry, Education, Government and Municipalities. 

Learn more about LS4FUTURE on the new Associated Laboratory website.

Photos Courtesy of IGC and ITQB.

Saibam mais sobre LS4FUTURE no novo website do Laboratório Associado.

António Jacinto