NMS Research hosts NOVA IMPACT for joint synergies in knowledge transfer

NMS Research hosted a session on July 13th, to promote knowledge valorization and transfer of novel technologies developed at NMS Research, in collaboration with NOVA IMPACT. 


The session featured presentations by the Vice-Dean for Research, Patrícia Calado, Rita Rocha (Innovation Manager at NMS) as well as Hélder Lopes and Rui Silva from the NOVA Impact office.

“Knowledge valorisation and technology transference is the key to driving impactful research", said Patrícia Calado, continuing to state that "NMS is strongly committed to support biomedical and clinical researchers in collaboration with the NOVA Impact Office".

For that reason, Rita Rocha from the Pre-Award office is developing a new action strategy focused on Innovation in order to support NMS researchers on research-driven knowledge valorisation process. The goal is to provide knowledge translation from NMS Research into health innovative products, services, processes with societal and economical impact. 

Hélder Lopes from NOVA Impact also insisted among researchers that “when you believe you have a scientific or technical observation with potential commercial or societal value, you should contact NOVA’s IP Support Units”.

Patrícia Calado, Rita Rocha, Rui Silva and Hélder Lopes


You can learn more about NOVA Impact on the NOVA Innovation portal and read NOVA's Guide to Intellectual Property and Knowledge Transfer.