NMS Researchers distinguished in ranking of scientific publications

Five researchers from NOVA Medical School are part of the ranking of Elsevier, one of the most recognized publishers of scientific publications.


Miguel Seabra and Pedro Póvoa , full professors and researchers at NMS, are present in the ranking considering all publications since the beginning of their careers and have published their first work in 1990 and 1991, respectively.

In the ranking adjusted to the year 2021, three more researchers from NOVA Medical School are present: João Conde, Raffaella Gozzelino and Tiago Bilhim.

The Elsevier group ranking is based on metrics with and without self-citations and the relationship between citations and citation documents from scientific publications.

Know more here  and know more about NMS bibliometry in our Library website. Also know the whole list of NOVA Researchers in this ranking in the NOVA website here.

Miguel Seabra
Principal Investigator
Pedro Póvoa
João Conde
Deputy Director for Research
Raffaela Gozzelino
Principal Investigator
Tiago Bilhim