Quality at NMS

Committed to the Quality Policy and the guidelines of NOVA's Strategic Plan, NMS follows the principles defined by the Internal Quality Monitoring and Evaluation System (NOVA SIMAQ).

NOVA SIMAQ aims to document, monitor, evaluate and the continuous improvement of all activities developed by NOVA, and is structured in five core domains:

  1. Teaching-Learning
  2. Research and Development
  3. Value Creation
  4. Internationalization
  5. Interinstitutional and Community Collaboration

NMS Quality Office aims to collaborate in the implementation and operation of NOVA SIMAQ, promote continuous improvement of the activities developed at NMS.


NMS has a long tradition in assessing quality in teaching, initially developed at the level of curricular units, through the application of questionnaires to students. In 2011/2012, the implementation of NOVA's Teaching Quality Assurance System (SGQE), structured and centralized the processes at the NMS.

With the implementation of NOVA SIMAQ, the monitoring of the Teaching-Learning domain began to encompass data collected every six months on the perception of students and teachers regarding the quality of pedagogical practices and the functioning of the curricular units. Annually, data are collected on the functioning of the program, the work leading to the conclusion of the degree and the mobility programs.

Every six months and annually, the information is analyzed and serves as a tool for the continuous improvement of Teaching and Learning.

In line with NOVA's Strategic Plan and it’s Research Policy, as defined in your own Mission, NMS aims to have internationally competitive research, focusing on interdisciplinary areas, including research aimed at solving health problems that affect society.

NMS is aligned with the objective of NOVA's Strategic Plan for the development of its international profile. Its mission is to contribute to global health and the well-being of humanity, promoting the advancement of health sciences, training a new generation of professionals of excellence, committed to sustainability.

NMS aims to be a national leader and a world reference in research, teaching and innovation. Committed to being successful at an international level, NMS has focused on designing and implementing translational research and teaching programs.

NMS aims to attract the most talented students and to be an international school recognized for its training programs in the areas of health and biomedicine.

NOVA's third Mission is value creation based on knowledge. NMS contributes to enhancing the development of entrepreneurship in the academic community, to economically and socially valuing the knowledge acquired, and to promoting collaboration with companies and the social sectors, through the development of collaborative projects that solve real problems for companies and society.

The NMS community integrates physicians, researchers and entrepreneurs with the aim of creating innovative solutions and enhancing new discoveries, solutions or devices that impact the health and well-being of patients and society in general.

NMS takes advantage of the potential of its infrastructure and human and financial resources, through the provision of services available to the community, such as consultations, complementary diagnostic tests and specialized services of investigation.

The initiatives developed since 2020 in the context of the pandemic situation are an example of the social and economic valorisation of NMS’ knowledge.

NMS is committed to interinstitutional collaboration, through the creation of synergies in the area of health, and with programs in collaboration with other NOVA Organic Units and/or other Higher Education Institutions, in addition to participating in national and international organizations that contribute to the development of society.

NMS collaborates with its academic community in the promotion of pedagogical, scientific and social activities, such as workshops, conferences, debates and awareness-raising and volunteering actions that contribute to sustainable development, in particular to the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

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NMS Responsible for Quality

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Quality Head of Office

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