Investigation Networks

PtCRIN , Portuguese Infrastructure Network for Clinical Research ( is the representative in Portugal of the ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network and aims to develop domestic and international cooperation in clinical research, through the development of quality clinical studies by researchers, investing in therapeutic innovation for the benefit of patients, citizens and the national health system.         

In 2014, Portugal became a founding member of ECRIN-ERIC - European Research Infrastructures Consortium - together with France, Germany, Italy and Spain. PtCRIN is the scientific partner of this consortium, whose coordination team is based in NOVA Medical School | School of Medical Sciences.        

PtCRIN's objectives are:

  • Promote the efficiency of Clinical Research Centers in the development of clinical studies. 
  • Develop and organize a national infrastructure network of Clinical Studies Units or Data Management Center Units that ensure the quality of the service provided   
  • Attract national and international funds for clinical research and for the PtCRIN consortium, enhancing Portuguese competitiveness in this area.   
  • Consolidate PtCRIN as a Clinical Research Infrastructure of National Interest, distributed, as a national contact for clinical research, particularly aimed at the implementation of Investigator -initiated Studies .    

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