Center for Health Technology and Services Research (CINTESIS)

CINTESIS is a national-based, decentralized, multidisciplinary research unit comprising about 500 researchers (198 PhD integrated members) whose governance and organizational model was designed to provide a highly performing and efficient environment for health sciences and health care research.

The 3 proposed thematic lines (TL) for CINTESIS i.e. Preventive Medicine & Societal Challenges (TL1), Clinical & Translational Research (TL2) and Health Data and Decision Sciences & Information Technologies (TL3) are strongly aligned with the major priorities defined by Horizon 2020. These TL comprises 23 research groups (RG) that address key Health and Societal Challenges and provide the needed research capacities and expertise in order to perform translational research and innovation within real healthcare environment.

Specific RG from CINTESIS will be devoted to: clinical and economical assessment of treatment, prevention and rehabilitative interventions; development of methods, tools and ICT applications that may have a direct impact in the wellbeing of elderly people; development and validation of new diagnostic tests; improvement of treatment control and patient monitoring; and development of methods and systems to deal with big data and complex biomedical information. 


Cintesis contibutes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) from UN:

SDG2   ODS3   ODS5   ODS10   ODS12   ODS17

Know more about the dedication of Cintesis and NOVA Medical School at our Sustainability page.