Master in Human Nutrition and Metabolism


The master's degree will develop skills and applied knowledge in the area of Nutrition and Metabolism, using tools that enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of your actions through scientific evidence.

The Master's focuses on strategies that promote healthy lifestyles, from a Lifestyle Medicine perspective.


This Master's degree crosses human nutrition and diet with metabolism and aims to train highly qualified staff to analyze the main health problems related to inadequate lifestyles, especially dietary ones, in a systematic and integrated way.

  • Diagnosis in the area of Nutrition and Lifestyles;
  • Identify causes and consequences associated with inadequate eating habits;
  • Recognize the molecular mechanisms of the disease involved;
  • Anticipate metabolic malformation as a consequence of exposure to dietary factors during life in utero;
  • Understand the concept of longevity in its fullness.
  • Nutritionists;
  • Physicians;
  • Pharmacists;
  • Nurses;
  • Biochemists;
  • Others licensed by the Coordination.
  • More and better skills in the area of nutrition and metabolism;
  • Clinical practice based on the latest scientific evidence - in the case of a health professional;
  • International research in the thesis year;
  • Networking;
  • Access to doctoral programs.



Conceição Calhau - Coordenadora do MNHM / Regente da UC Ómicas e Nutrição Personalizada
Cláudia Marques - Regente UC Leitura Crítica
Diogo Pestana - Regente UC Alteradores Endócrinos e Contaminantes da Dieta
Filipe Jesus - Mestre em Nutrição Humana e Metabolismo
Inês Castela - Aluna do MNHM
Júlio César - Regente UC Diagnóstico Nutricional e Interpretação de Análises Clínicas


Conceição Calhau
Diana Teixeira
1230N (Assistant Professor, Nutritionist specializing in Clinical Nutrition)


  • LANGUAGE | Classes taught in Portuguese. Teaching materials in English
  • ECTS | 120
  • DURATION | 2 years 
  • HOURS | Fridays and Saturdays,

Study Plan



  • National student: 2.500€/year
  • International student: 3.500€/year


Manuel Batatinha
Program Manager
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