Comissão de Ética


1- Ethics committees are bodies endowed with technical and scientific independence, of a consultative nature;

2 - Ethics committees are mandatory in:
a) Public, private and social health institutions;
b) Higher education institutions that carry out clinical research;
c) Biomedical research centers that carry out clinical research.

3 - Health institutions, higher education institutions that carry out clinical research and biomedical research centers that carry out clinical research may, whenever they deem relevant for the proper pursuit of their mission, jointly and in articulation, constitute a single commission of ethics, especially in situations where they are integrated in clinical academic centers.

4 - The mission of ethics committees is to contribute to the observance of the principles of ethics and bioethics in the institution's activity, in the provision of health care and in the conduct of clinical research, in particular in the exercise of health sciences, in the light of the principle of human dignity, as a guarantee of the exercise of their fundamental rights, as well as the integrity, trust and security of the procedures in force in the respective institution.

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