NMS Research on diabetes wins Alfredo da Silva Award 2022

This collaborative project between NMS and APDP, FCT NOVA and CUF is led by Professor João Raposo and has several NMS researchers.

On June 30th 2022, at the Centro Cultural de Belém, an Alfredo da Silva Prize was awarded to several NMS researchers, which also include Professor Paula Macedo, Maria João Meneses and Rogério Riberio, for work to be done in the empowerment of patients with diabetic foot ulcer.

The €25,000 prizes are awarded by Fundação Amélia de Mello to innovative research projects linked to entrepreneurship, mobility and sustainability in health. The project assigned to NMS, within the Sustainability category, has as its ultimate objective to obtain better health outcomes for people with diabetes in situations of diabetic foot ulcer – one of the most frequent causes of amputation.

For this purpose, it is proposed to develop a new smart patch capable of evaluating the temperature and dimensions of the ulcer, a new sensor for rapid assessment of CRP (C-reactive Protein) - as a marker of inflammation, and an educational kit for users of these solutions with the purpose of optimizing the use of these new devices. The focus is on empowering people to better manage a serious situation, such as a diabetic foot ulcer, and better integrate information into care processes, optimizing available resources.

It also intends to aim at sustainability, embroidering the ecological dimensions (the green transition in the new devices), economic (focus on optimizing resources) and social (endowing health services with better resources that allow better health outcomes for all).

Our congratulations to the entire team for this incredible award.

All photos are owned by Fundação Amélia de Mello.

João Filipe Raposo
Co-PI, Medical Scientist
Maria Paula Macedo
Principal Investigator (PI)
Maria João Meneses
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Rogério Ribeiro
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Metabolic Diseases Research (MEDIR)

Maria Paula Macedo