NMS Professors win Blended Learning Award 2022

This award comes from an initiative of three European universities and was awarded to the Critical Skills in Research curricular unit of the NOVA Biomedical Research (NBR) master's degree and also of the PhD in Health Sciences, taught by Professors Paulo Pereira, Rita Teodoro and Cláudia Almeida.



Rita Teodoro, Cláudia Almeida and Paulo Pereira


"This course trains skills that are essential for practising and understanding science and research. These include communication skills, the ability to negotiate consensus and compromise solutions for complex issues involving different interlocutors and diverse interests, knowing how to formulate a scientific question and translated into a health research project or plan" says Paulo Pereira, Professor and Principal Investigator at NMS.

"The main distinguishing feature of the course is that it is research-based and student-centered. The more traditional models of “master” classes are not adopted and an important part of the student's work is done outside the classroom and in groups. Classes are reserved for discussion moderated by tutors who are typically scientists or specialists in the various topics covered. An important part of knowledge is acquired outside the classroom, teaching is asynchronous and knowledge can be tested through digital means or through of group work (peer to peer learning)" continues Paulo Pereira, also sharing some of the students' comments about the curricular unit:

"You have shaped my scientific mind and values. Critical thinking is one of the most fundamental tools for the scientist's job. Yet, it is very difficult to transmit and teach. NBR masterfully achieves this by embodying the true "student-centered" philosophy. Thank you for everything. I am guided every day by your lessons.” José Teles (PhD Student, Oslo University Hospital)

“NBR gave me the tools and taught me essential skills to become a scientist. From basic knowledge about molecular biology to research methodology and more important, science communication and project development/management among other topics often used on a daily basis.” Catarina Fernandes (PhD Student, University Mainz)

This is a tripartite initiative that brings together NOVA, the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata". This award aims to recognize the best curricular units in the context of blended learning in the three universities and in three scientific areas: Social Sciences and Humanities and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Health and Well-being, won by our Professors and Researchers .

Learn more about the NBR Masters program here. These awards were reported in Sapo, check out the news article here.

Paulo Pereira
Principal Investigator
Rita Teodoro
Principal Investigator
Cláudia Guimas Almeida
Principal Investigator